About us

Dr. Tchatat Gabriel is an international consultant, and the Executive Director of Save The Nature, a Cameroon based NGO.

Dr. Tchatat was trained at the University of Abobo – Adjame (Abidjan) Unit of Training and Research (Faculty) on Environment Science and Environment Management, where he was graduated with a PhD, a “DEA” (Post M.Sc.), and a M.Sc. in Environment Science and Environment Management. He was also trained at the University of Yaounde II, Faculty of Economic Science and Management where he was graduated with a PhD. in Economic Science, major in Environmental Economics.

After thirty one years as a Civil Servant at the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Nature
where he was Sub Director in charge of Environment Planning, the Ministry of External Relations as a Diplomat (Embassy Counselor), he is actually and International Consultant with the Afrian Development Bank Group ClimDev – Africa, CDSF / OSAN, and many UN organization like UNDP, UNEP, ILO, FAO, and many research institutions.

He was full time Senior Lecturer at the University of Buea, and is a part time Lecturer at the
Universities of Yaounde II, Higher Institute of Environment Science (Yaounde), Higher School of
Engineer of Bangangte, and the University of Douala, Faculty of Industrial Engineering.

– Broad experience as: Sustainable Energy Specialist, Environmentalist, Climate Change Specialist, Natural Resources Management Specialist, Global environment management specialist, wetland and arid area management specialist, Environmental Economist, Environmental Planning Specialist, Economic Planning Specialist, Project Coordinator, Agriculture – Climate Change – Trade linkage specialist, and Diplomacy;

– Technical Advisor, organizational and institutional strengthening in sustainable energy, natural
resources management and conservation (Leadership for Conservation in Africa (Pretoria));
– Climate change simulation specialist, climate change impacts assessment and climate change adaptation and mitigation specialist, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment specialist of Hydroelectricity dams and electricity transport, biofuels, new and renewable energy, decarbonized energy, natural resources dynamics, and biodiversity assessment;

– Strategic planning at local, national and international level, critical analysis and awareness raising, facilitation and negotiation;
– Broad practical experience on budget management;
– Broad skill in negotiations with partners and stakeholders;
– Bilingual (English and French);
– Practical hands-on experience and ability to translate vision into implementation and action.

Our association aims to protect natural resources (air, water and soil) and
biodiversity; indeed, recent production models have not always taken into
account the protection, or at least the sustainable management of natural
resources such as air, soil and water resources.
These production patterns have contributed to the pollution of natural
resources, causing serious health problems, natural disasters, loss of
biodiversity, and poverty to surrounding populations. Faced with this important
global challenge, Save The Nature Cameroon was created and legalized by a
Cameroonian group, passionate about the protection of the environment, new
and renewable energy, led by Dr. Tchatat Gabriel.
Atmospheric, aquatic and soil pollution are direct and indirect causes of
anthropogenic climate change, which must be addressed for any effective action
to combat climate change that has multiple impacts on the environment. For
almost twenty years, we have been committed to contributing to solutions for
the protection of wildlife, flora, bird and fish biodiversity; and improve the
quality of air, soil, aquatic and wetlands, and ecosystems. We sensitize and
educate for a clean production in all economic operations.